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The Life and Work of Michel Mirhej Baklouk

The Life and Work of Michel Merhej BakloukThis project is a technique book, a life story and an historical survey (of sorts) centering around one of Arabic music's most legendary percussionists. Michel Merhej Baklouk. Michel performed for over fifty years with Lebanese singer Fairuz, one of the ALL-TIME greatest performing artists of the Arab world. The peak of Michel's musical career was during the golden age of Arabic music (the 1950ís and -60ís), but he began playing during the early film and radio years and is still actively performing today. Michel is one of the last in a generation of classical Arab musicians, and this book is a tribute not only to the technical side of his playing, but to a musical aesthetic and era that is dying out with the trend toward electronic and western pop music. The content includes a detailed account of his teaching methods illustrated with Michelís own musical notation, photos from his personal scrapbook picturing his life and many of the artists he worked with, and academic essays about his work and times written by some of the most prominent scholars in the field.

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