nicole lecorgne percussionist

Before accepting Fulbright funding to conduct a year-long photographic project and music study in Cairo, Nicole freelance throughout the New York area. She was also a full-time member of several New York-based ensembles.

Sounds of Taraab – The Sounds of Taraab is a newly formed ensemble made up of musicians from both the Near Eastern and African musical traditions who came together to explore and perform the music of Zanzibar and East Africa. Popular in the cities of Africa's eastern coast, taraab is a genre that is a hybrid of Arabic, Indian and Swahili African styles. The Sounds of Taraab endeavor to share with audiences their experiences with this wonderful music, an exciting genre sure to please aficionados of world music.

Zikrayat – (“memories” in Arabic) is a New York based ensemble of musicians and dancers dedicated to presenting the traditional repertory of Arabic music, song and dance. Zikrayat highlights the little-know gems from the “golden age” of Egyptian Cinema, as well as original compositions. With a classical takht lineup of oud, ney, violin, qanun, riqq, table and vocalists, in addition to folk instruments like the buzuk, miazmar and rebaba, Zikrayat’s musicians capture the original spirit of the music while Zikrayat’s dancers focus on authentic Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, especially as embodied by such legends as Naima Akif, Taheya Karioca and Samia Gamal.

Alhambra - An ensemble that performs Judeo-Spanish (Sephardic) and Arabic vocal and instrumental music, using exotic instruments such as the oud, nay, kanun, shawm, dumbek and bendir. Improvisations in Middle-Eastern style (taksims) are a major element of the group's performances.

In addition to regular ensemble work, Nicole performs and teaches regularly with renowned Minneapolis-based dancer Cassandra Shore,Jawaahir Dance Company, and the Cassandra School of Oriental Dance. She is also a regular instructor and accompanist for the nationally- and internationally-based Oasis Dance Camps.

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